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For centuries, food stands in bustling Asian street markets have provided the best tasting comfort foods quickly and affordably while treating each customer like family. This has been the inspiration behind the creation of 5-Spice Asian Street Market® -- to bring to America hidden culinary treasures from different regions of Asia with uncompromising authenticity and quality, in a warm and inviting atmosphere capturing the essence of the street markets of the Far East.

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Although the exact origin is difficult to trace, 5-Spice powder (aka 5-fragrance powder), is thought to be invented by the Chinese, attempting to balance the Yin and Yang in food with a single wonder powder encompassing all of the 5 basic food flavors - sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty. Like the Chinese Yin and Yang philosophy, it is our commitment at 5-Spice Asian Street Market® to serve well-balanced foods, healthy enough to leave you full of energy, spicy enough to harmonize with your body, and tasty enough to keep you returning time and time again...
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